Write down a sequence of git commands for a “Rebase Workflow”

The “Rebase Workflow” involves updating your local branch with the latest changes from the upstream (remote) repository by using the git pull --rebase command instead of a traditional git pull. This allows you to maintain a cleaner commit history and avoid unnecessary merge commits. Here’s a sequence of Git commands for the Rebase Workflow:

  1. Clone the Remote Repository (if not already done):If you don’t have the repository on your local machine, clone it using the git clone command:
git clone <repository_url>
  1. Navigate to the Repository Directory:

Change your current directory to the newly cloned repository:

cd <repository_name>
  1. Set Up Remote Tracking Branch (if not already done):

If you haven’t set up a remote tracking branch for the upstream repository (usually named “origin”), do so:

git remote add origin <repository_url>
  1. Fetch Latest Changes from the Upstream Repository:

Fetch the latest changes from the remote repository to update your local knowledge of the remote branches:

git fetch origin
  1. Switch to Your Working Branch:

Switch to the branch you want to rebase:

git checkout <branch_name>
  1. Rebase Your Branch on the Upstream Changes:

Rebase your local branch on top of the latest changes from the remote repository. This will apply your local commits on top of the updated upstream branch:

git pull --rebase origin <branch_name>

Alternatively, you can do this in two steps using git fetch and git rebase:

git fetch origin
git rebase origin/<branch_name>
  1. Resolve Conflicts (if any):

If there are any conflicts between your local changes and the upstream changes, Git will pause the rebase process to allow you to resolve them. Edit the conflicting files, then use git add to stage the resolved changes, and continue the rebase:

git add <resolved_files>
git rebase --continue
  1. Push Your Changes to the Remote Repository (Optional):

If you have made any new commits during the rebase, you can push them to the remote repository:

git push origin <branch_name>

The Rebase Workflow allows you to keep your branch up to date with the latest changes from the upstream repository while maintaining a cleaner and more linear commit history. It’s a good practice to use git pull --rebase instead of a standard git pull when working with a shared repository to avoid unnecessary merge commits.

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