When do we use double.INFINITY?

In Dart (and Flutter), double.INFINITY is a constant representing positive infinity for double-precision floating-point numbers. It is used to represent a value that is larger than any other finite floating-point number. Essentially, double.INFINITY is a special value that denotes “unbounded” or “infinite” in the context of numeric calculations.

You would typically use double.INFINITY in the following scenarios:

  1. Mathematical Operations: When performing mathematical operations, you might encounter cases where a result exceeds the range of finite floating-point numbers. For example, if you divide a non-zero number by zero, the result is infinity. You can use double.INFINITY to represent such scenarios in your calculations.
double result = 5.0 / 0.0; // result is double.INFINITY
  1. Comparisons and Limits: double.INFINITY is useful when you want to set a value as the upper bound in a range check or a limit. For instance, you can use it to represent the maximum possible value for a calculation or to handle values that are not limited.
double maxValue = double.INFINITY;

if (value > maxValue) {
  // Perform some action for values greater than the maximum allowed.
  1. Sentinels in Algorithms: In some algorithms or data structures, you may need a special value to represent unbounded or infinite conditions. In such cases, double.INFINITY can be used as a sentinel value to denote these special conditions.
double findMaxValue(List<double> values) {
  double maxValue = double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;

  for (double value in values) {
    if (value > maxValue) {
      maxValue = value;

  if (maxValue == double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY) {
    // Handle the case when the list is empty or all values are negative.
    // This can be considered as "no maximum" or "undefined."

  return maxValue;

It’s important to note that operations involving infinity can lead to special floating-point results, such as NaN (Not a Number) or Infinity. When using double.INFINITY, it’s essential to handle these special cases in your code to avoid unexpected behavior or errors.

In summary, double.INFINITY is used in Dart/Flutter to represent positive infinity in calculations, comparisons, and scenarios where a value is unbounded or exceeds the range of finite floating-point numbers.

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