10 Tips to Make Your Site Load Faster

Webmasters try different techniques to improve their SEO and rankings for their blog but most of them failed in checking the loading time of their site. They make different changes in their blog to attract visitors but forget to check that installing lot of scripts and plugins will increase the loading time of their blog as a result it will decrease the SERP rank.

To help them here’re some practical tips which a normal user can do without any help from any experts.

1. Remove Pop-up Ads

Too much of ads in a blog will surely increase your loading time especially blog having pop-up type ads will load much slower than other sites. So before choosing an advertising network think twice before installing it in your blog.

2. Content Delivery Network [CDN]

Now many bloggers started to use CDN networks, especially MaxCDN for their blog. CDN is a network of computers contains copies of data of your blog which is placed at various points on different parts of the world so as to maximize the bandwidth for access the data for clients throughout the network.

3. Use Cache Plugin

Using cache plugin will surely improve your blog performance as it stores data for future request, so data of your blog will be served faster than before. Use WP Rocket plugin along with CDN for the best results.

4. Optimize your Image

Images plays a major role in your blog loading time as it sucks your bandwidth much, so before uploading images in your blog please check whether it is in .png format. Try online tools or install smush it plugins in your WordPress blog this will automatically do this job for you.

5. Selecting a Good Template

Choosing the best template will do 50% of SEO work for you, so always go for the best template on internet. If you don’t have any idea about choosing a template then go for thesis or genies templates.

6. Minimize your Plugin

If you are using WordPress, installing too many plugins will make your site load slower, so always install plugins if it is useful.

7. Be Careful about Homepage

Homepage loading time is important for any blog. So be careful in designing your homepage of your blog. So that you can impress a lot of users and webmaster, it is best to avoid a number of Articles, links, and Scripts in Homepage.

8. Optimize Database

All of your data will be stored in the database so it is must to optimize database of your blog. Using DB optimize plugin will optimize the table of your database that surely reduce the overhead as a result it loads faster than before.

9. Optimize JS and CSS

A site performance and appearance lies in CSS of the templates. Once Wp-Minify plugin is installed in your blog, it will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time of a webpage.

10. Tools to Improve Blog Loading Speed

There are many tools on internet but most of them show false results. These below mentioned tools are rated as best tool by Google.

YSlow, a free tool from Yahoo! that suggests ways to improve website speed. It is available in two version addon and web-based tool.

Page Speed, a free Firefox add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives you detailed suggestions for improvement.

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